TRIO Program



The TRIO Talent Search Program is a federally funded educational program that has been implemented in the Trimble Local School District. All students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to join the program. The program is designed to increase information and access to higher education.

The primary mission of the TRIO program is to encourage students to persist in school and through high school graduation and enroll in a college of their choice. Throughout the course of the program, students and their families will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, college visits, financial aid, academic planning sessions, career exploration, and a variety of activities intended to increase students’ academic success. In addition, students will have the ability to work one on one with the TRIO Coordinator to help meet their academic and career goals. These services are provided at no cost to students who join the program.

If you and your student decide upon his/her participation in the program, please fill out and sign the application and have the student return the forms to the TRIO Coordinator at Trimble High School. The information you provide is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!

Please contact Lynann Bolyard Trimble High School TRIO Coordinator for more information 740-767-3434 Ext. 1322

TRIO Application 

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